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Go and Tell!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

A word of exhortation & encouragement

Now is the Time!



Your story for His glory along with how Jesus helped you overcome

Now is the Time!

Go! & TELL!

Somebody needs to here it. Don't sit on your hands. Don't keep your mouth shut.

Write it!

Put it in a book

Blog it!

Vlog it!

Share w/a friend!

Share w/a neighbor

Shate w/a stranger!

Just don't hold it in any longer!

We were given our marching orders long ago as Jesus ascended into heaven;


Tell the world

We can't keep silent any longer, there is a whole world that needs to hear your story and the love of Christ Jesus

Hasn't the enemy kept you quiet long enough?

This child of God has napped long enough.

The Time is Now!


Tell it! Tell it! Tell it!

My story for His Glory!

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