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Hearing The Voice of God, What’s Wrong With Me?

One night while watching the movie The Polar Express this past Christmas season, for the fiftieth time, there is this part near the end where the little boy whom the movie is centered, is having difficulty hearing the Christmas bells and seeing Santa. Other children ask;

“Can’t you hear them?”

“Don’t they sound wonderful”?

But he can’t hear the bells. He can’t see Santa as clearly as the other children; things keep getting in his way. Then, one of the bells falls loose from the reindeer’s sleigh and it lands right in front of him. He reaches down to pick it up,

Shakes it, But nothing! There’s no sound!

As the other children and elves shout for joy, he gets this disappointed, yet “I want to believe!” look on his face. “Why can’t I hear them?”, his face says.

You can just see it. He wants to experience what the others are experiencing.

He wants to feel what they feel;

Hear what they hear and see what they see, but he can’t. He simply can’t! And he wants to so badly. “What’s Wrong With Me?” the look on his face says.

So he closes his eyes and speaks these words softly, “I BELIEVE!”

I BELIEVE is all he says and he says it again only this time with more confidence and clarity. Loudly declaring he says, “I BELIEVE!” Now all of a sudden, He hears the bells, the shouts of joy and as he opens his eyes, Santa standing right in front of him, clear as day.

Santa asks “What was that you said?” the little boys repeats boldly; “I BELIEVE!

This was me! I would hear other people say, “I heard the Lord say this or I heard the Lord say that” and I would think, “But why can’t I hear Him?” I heard people say, “God speaks all the time.” Really? Because I don’t hear Him!

I was like that little boy with the perplexed look on his face “Then why don’t I hear Him?” This set me on a quest to hear His voice; to learn His voice for myself. To not feel so left out and to know the joy others spoke about when hearing God. A woman of God once told me that

I question God. I question myself. I doubt! Have unbelief! And that this must stop!

She told me to trust that I hear the voice of God. Don’t doubt or second guess: BELIEVE! And from there, God began to teach me. Give me confirmations that I’d heard Him correctly. I had to begin to trust it and show Him that I trusted His voice by speaking or acting upon what He’d just shared with me. The first few times, many times, were touch and go; hit or miss, but I soon began to step out in faith pushing past the fear of being wrong or looking foolish in the eyes of men. I submitted to God and He would confirm and confirm and confirm each time I believed and took Him at His word.

I CHOOSE to BELIEVE! The Word say’s in Matthew 18:3 "Truly I tell you," He said, "unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.."

We must simply BELIEVE.

WE HAVE TO MAKE THE CHOICE TO SIMPLY BELIEVE! And just as that little boy did, he believed with his heart and confessed with his mouth: It did happen for me. Now I have access to The Kingdom of God. I have access to God’s heart and mind for me, and for my family and for other believers and non-believers as well because I have learned His voice. I can hear Him in my dreams, the visions He gives me, in the prayers I pray for myself or others as He drops instructions on what to pray, what to do and how to go about doing it. Now I hear His voice in the trees or even in a television show or movie as in the Polar Express.

God is speaking all the time. We simply must believe He is. Expect to hear Him and we will.You may ask "But how do I know it's the voice of God?" To start, if you hear do something kind for someone, go encourage someone, pay for someones coffee or meal, or gas, call and check in on someone you haven't spoke to in a while; it's probably the voice of God telling you to do these things. Remember, according to the Bible and the nature and character of God which is LOVE, He'll have you show love, kindness, gentleness, generosity, patience, encouragement to others. The voice of the enemy would never tell you to do something to genuinely help others. Reading the Word of God and praying will also help you to discern the voice of God from the voice of the enemy. Trust the good that God wants to do through you unto others; It's HIM.

The only difference I’d make from the movie to real life is that in the movie, the little boy now speaking as an adult says, “That as time passed and he grew older the sound of the bell began to fade away and then became silent.” For me, I want God’s voice to never grow dim or faint, but to get stronger and louder as time goes by; never to end.

Father God I thank you for being a God who speaks, The One who hears and answers prayers. I thank you and give you praise as The One True God; The Most Holy One, maker and sustainer of the earth and all that is and ever is to come. Thank you for your faithfulness. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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