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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Come out

of bondage!

Let the chains be broken!

The BLOOD of my Son Jesus Christ paid for your freedom!

You don't have to be bound by




The I'm not good enough





Heart hurt

Mental Illness

Nor any other earthly thing that keeps you from living in the freedom and liberty My Son has paid for.


1st- Determine within yourself that you no longer want to be a prisoner; that you no longer want to be bound; unhappy and in agony; that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

2nd- Make a decision for Jesus Christ- that He and He alone can free you. Make a decision to accept the blood sacrifice of My Son Jesus to free you.

(If you're not sure of who Jesus is and what His death on the cross means, research! Do your due diligence if you must. Read the book of John in the Bible which speaks of God's love and of who Jesus is and of the sacrifice He made for us. Read the book A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel an Athiest who set out to disprove the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, but instead, all of his research pointed to the TRUTH of the entire Bible. From the prophesies of the Old Testament which foretold of the coming King Jesus, to the fulfillment of those prophesies in the New Testament and the prophesies yet still to be fulfilled that are unfolding right before our eyes in this present time.

3rdly- PRAY

Submit to God, resist the devil! Turn your life and all of its problems over to Jesus. Pour out your heart to Him; literally open your hands and lay every burden, problem, worry, concern, anxiety, depression, rejection, abandonment, not good enough, every failure, lay it at His feet, place it in His hands: see this in your spirit.

Ask for forgiveness

Accept His forgiveness

Repent-determine to let Jesus help you

Ask Him to help you live life and to have life more abundant, free, fruitful, and productive.

His blood from His sacrifice on the cross PAID FOR IT ALL! PAID IN FULL! to set us free from the chains of guilt and shame

from the chains of rejection

from the chains of abandonment

from the chains of never good enough


You don't have to WORK for your salvation; but simply accept it from ME; it's a free gift. And let ME show you, lead you into how to live out your salvation in total freedom with courage says God.

4th- Now, fall into His big arms and receive the biggest, warmest, gentlest, longest hug you've ever had. Let His love surround you, melt you and release from you everything you've been holding on to that you're not meant to carry and leave it with Jesus. STAY! as long as you need to STAY; right there in His embrace. And when you get up, get up in the knowing that Jesus and the Comforter, the Holy Spirit are there with you from now on to help you along the way in your new life as a new creature in HIM.

Know this! Believe this! Trust this! HE will never leave you, nor forsake you. Just call upon Him everyday. PRAY! TALK TO HIM!

"Hello Jesus

Jesus I need your help

I need your advice Jesus

Jesus, what should I do?

Jesus, if you get me out of this one...

I'm sick LORD, heal me

Jesus I'm scared

My money is low and I don't have enough for the rent Jesus

Jesus, I'm angry and frustrated and sick and tired of being sick and tired: HELP