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Redeemer of Time

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The Bible says that we are to make good use of our lives and the time we have here on earth; not to waste it or squander it; to live wisely. "Redeeming the time" as the Word says. But what does this phrase mean? According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Redeem means :

to buy back


to free from captivity by payment of ransom

to release from blame

to change for the better

to restore

to make good

to make worthwhile

Ephesians 5:16 says, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. And Colossians 4:5 says "Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time." Meaning live your lives wisely, make worthwhile for the better, because the days are evil. Walk in wisdom toward them that are lost, and I think also as Jude says in verse 22 of his book, and of some have compassion, making a difference.

Sure, there are some things that I did in my young and foolish days that I may regret. I cringe when I think I could have died, or maybe even be in jail or strung out on drugs, BUT GOD!.... He kept my foolish self because He had other plans for me and He wasn't gonna let my poor choices get in the way. But out of all of those regrets, which I really have released back unto Him, I regret most not living my young life SOLD OUT for Christ. I think about the time I wasted living foolishly, not wisely, making bad decisions, and not as a change agent for good; not living a worthwhile life for Christ while young and full of energy with ideas and youthful zeal. But the Lord came to me one morning a few years ago while in prayer and thinking on this exact thing of what a waste my earlier years were without Him. He told me He was redeeming the time and that those years weren't wasted. He said all those years made me who I am today, the daughter He had created me to be, but took the long way around to get there, lol, but I was getting there.

Those years weren't wasted! and not to beat myself up over it because He was redeeming those years. My latter end shall be more than my beginning, job 42:12 and I believe Him.

Acceleration is coming; actually it's here!

Upgrade is coming; and again, it's actually here!

I'll do more for the Kingdom and still bear fruit in my old age and be fat and flourishing Psalm 92:14

I stand on God's word! And you can too!

No time is wasted. What the enemy meant for evil, God can and will turn it around for your good. Gen. 50:20

If you're at a place now where you're tired of running from God, or you're simply tired of an unfulfilled life in the world without Jesus Christ; Simply Come Home to Him! Repent!

Ask for forgiveness like the prodigal son did when he returned home to his father and his father ran to him while yet afar off, hugged him, kissed him and put on him a royal garment and threw a party. :-) Our Lord will forgive you and remember those sins no more. And He will redeem the time on your behalf as well; making your latter days more than your beginning.

He can do it!

He will do it!

Let Him do it!

Father I thank you that you are a faithful God even when I am not faithful. Thank you for turning my life around and setting me on a solid foundation: His name Jesus Christ. Thank you for redeeming the time in my life as I surrender it ALL unto you to do with it as you will for the Kingdom. Redeem the time for my brothers and sisters out there who feel the same as I did Lord; that their time was wasted. Let each of them know that you love them, and that there is still time and that you have a work for them to do. I love you Lord. Your word shall continually be in my mouth and I will bless your name at all times. In the matchless name of Jesus, Amen.

Here is the song that prompted this post. I do not own the rights to this song or anything. It's simply a great song I wanted to share.

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